A cosmic community for your journey of soul-led entrepreneurship, deep inner healing, and magical manifestation.

 Heal your soul woundsactivate your highest self, and unleash the divine power within to create the reality of your F*CKING DREAMS.



And you’re being called to go deeper than you could ever imagine – for a reason. 

You already know how magical you are. You can feel your power.

And now you’re ready to become the fullest expression of that divine light within you. A true master of your reality.

Because the time for playing small is over.
Being ruled by self-doubt, deep-rooted fear, and limitation is over.

Feeling stuck is over.

Living in anxiety and harsh self-judgment, plus always waiting for the next catastrophe is over ❎, over ❎, and over ❎.

Masculine hustle, burnout, and “I should be there by now!” are WAY over.

It’s time to deeply embody your purpose and create a life that FULLY supports you.

A life of overflowing abundance, deep fulfillment, and wild spiritual connection.

You’re being called to turn your innate magnetism ALLLL the way up and bring every single one of those delicious visions to life.

And you’re not doing it all by yourself either.

You’re ready to rise up in a sacred sisterhood of wild empowerment and quantum transformation.

It’s time to become the highest version of yourself in this lifetime.


Your era of divine magic has arrived.


In my 15+ years of spiritual study, there have been two clear constants in every quantum leap I experienced:

(1) a consistent spiritual practice and (2) sisterhood.


✨  Heal your past traumas and the old wounds keeping you stuck from creating the success and abundance you deserve

✨  Call in your desires with ease because you know how to consistently break through your blocks and rewrite limiting beliefs

✨  Feel less stress and anxiety because you trust your intuition and inner guidance

✨  Cultivate the deepest relationship with yourself so you can feel true confidence and empowerment

✨  Love your magical life from the moment you wake up each morning because you’re fully embodied in your power and your purpose

✨  Experience exponential growth in your income, your business, and your journey of personal transformation (+ be able to take those paradise vacations, attend those life-changing retreats, and go out for those yummy dinners whenever the F you want!!)

✨  Magnetically attract the dreamiest dream clients, soulmate family, and people that lift you UP every single day

✨  Cultivate a consistent spiritual practice, so you can feel deeply connected to the divine light within you and the universe around you 

✨  Feel truly seen and supported in your spiritual journey AND your entrepreneurial journey, because you know you don’t have to do it alone (+ no more existential breakdowns that come on when you’re surrounded by people who just don’t GET you)

This is exactly what happens when you have “the work” each month to support your journey of becoming your most magnetic self – your highest self …

Plus a sacred community of deep sisterhood, stretching you to new heights wilder than anything you could ever imagine.



The ultimate Manifesting Miracle Worker experience …

is a personal development and spiritual growth membership that gives you access to monthly live coaching calls, masterclass trainings, inner work workbooks, and activating meditations to help you heal your life and manifest your dreams.

Each month you will receive powerful self-healing modalities, spiritual rituals, manifestation practices, and aligned business growth tools that will empower you to unleash your inner magnetism and become the highest version of yourself in this lifetime.


This membership is one of the best things to happen to me this year! It helps me feel less alone on this healing journey and the support is amazing. It is so nice to have a community to belong to that believes in me, my growth, my goals, and has nothing but positive vibes.

– Erika D. 

I finally took the plunge to join the membership and it has been the best decision ever! Amanda has built a community to help you grow, flourish, attain your manifestation goals, and make some awesome friends along the way too!

– Nikita K. 

The Manifesting Miracle Worker membership has not only helped me become a better version of myself but also made me part of an amazing group of people who uplift each other and assure us that we are not alone in our journey.

– Maggie D. 


The magic you seek is already within you.

I know you already know this, but how often do you forget it?

I see you working hard on your personal growth, your business, and in your spiritual journey.

I see how far you’ve made it already, and I understand the call you’re answering to go even deeper.

I see you craving more purpose, more clarity, and unshakeable trust in yourself – and your intuition – to lead the way.

I see you looking to deepen your spiritual connection and ride the cosmic waves of our universe’s deepest secrets.

I see you ready to fully master energetics so you can turn your innate magnetism all the way up and call in your dreamiest dreams.

I see you ready to turn your wounds into wisdom and help heal the world with your soul’s mission. 

And I see you ready to heal yourself. Deeply. So you can call back your power and rise up as the abundant goddess you were meant to be.



This is why I created Divine Magic – to give you the step-by-step processes, tools, and powerful work that will allow you to create quantum leaps in your journey.

Because it’s time to fully embody your power and step into your most aligned and abundant era!



Divine Magic is an expansive monthly virtual container to support your journey of embodying the highest version of yourself in this lifetime.

This spiritually-focused membership brings you endless resources in personal development, manifestation, self healing, soul purpose alignment, and heart-centered business growth

PLUS a community of like-minded souls, coming together in deep sisterhood, unconditional love, and unwavering support.

Each month you’ll find activating new content in the form of a masterclass training, workbook, and meditation, with monthly themes in areas like:


✨ Inner Child Healing & Trauma Recovery

 Higher Self Embodiment

✨ Soul-Aligned Business Growth

✨ Manifestation & Energetics

✨ Intuition & Co-Creation with the Universal Energies

✨ Money & Abundance Alignment

✨ Spiritual Rituals

✨ Self-Love & Empowerment

… and SO much more!


The membership also gives you access to monthly group coaching calls to help you continuously integrate your study and receive the personalized support you need for exponential growth and expansion.


Every month inside DIVINE MAGIC, you will find new resources to expand your consciousness and support your personal spiritual journey.

➛ Each month there will be a new theme of study to dive into that includes one masterclass training, one workbook, and one meditation.

➛ Each month there will be a new theme of study to dive into that includes one masterclass training, one workbook, and one meditation.

➛ You will also have access to tons of manifestation, spiritual healing, and soul-led business resources. These are here for whenever you need a pick-me-up or deeper exploration into those topics.

Inside DIVINE MAGIC you will receive:

✨ 1 monthly community coaching call on Zoom

✨ 1 new masterclass training each month
(When you join you will also receive every past masterclass replay!)

✨ 1 inner work workbook each month to go even deeper in your monthly area of study
(When you join you will also receive every past workbook!)

 1 exclusive guided meditation each month to help you integrate your study
(When you join you will also receive every past meditation!)

✨ Exclusive DIVINE MAGIC social media groups

✨ Hours of bonus masterclass trainings, workshops, and workbooks in areas like abundance mindset, money manifestation, soul-led business & leadership, self-love, higher self connection, spiritual rituals, and more! 

✨ Live and recorded workshops held periodically throughout the year, including moon circles, spiritual rituals, manifestation methods, self-healing modalities, and tools for aligned business growth

✨ Free access to ALL paid Manifesting Miracle Worker events throughout the year

✨ Discounts on select Manifesting Miracle Worker courses, programs, and containers


Divine Magic students out here doing the REAL work!

🔥 Rising up in SISTERHOOD 🔥

DIVINE MAGIC is an expansive monthly container for the NEXT generation of soul-led leadershealers, and conscious creators …


The generation who is ready to create a massive impact through their soul’s work and leave a lasting legacy.

The generation who is ready to break the cycles of lack and suffering and step into a wildly abundant reality.

The generation who is stepping up to heal ancestral trauma, doing the real work for their whole entire bloodline.

The generation who is ready to get off of autopilot and consciously design the life of their dreams.

The generation who is ready to nurture their inner children and come back to true oneness.

The generation who is sick of the 9-5, societal norms, and doing things everyone ELSE’S way.

The generation who is here to rise up from the ashes and turn their wounds into wisdom.

The generation who is ready to unleash their magnetic message to help raise up the vibe of the whole entire planet.

The generation who is ready to advance to higher states of consciousness, and discover what it means to be both human and divine.



How it works …

Each month you will receive an email to announce that month’s theme/area of study (on or around the 1st of the month).

In this email, you will also find the date for our live coaching call AND the date your training of the month, meditation, and workbook will be available in the portal.

Every month we will come together for TWO live community group calls. This will be your space to receive personal support from me, as well as experience sisterhood connection.

Our personal journeys can feel lonely sometimes – so our monthly calls are designed to bring together like-minded sisters who can all share the deep mission of their heart together, in one place.

➡️ Each month you will receive an email with the time and date of our monthly group calls. (The full email can also be found in your member portal each month).

➡️  The dates and times of this call may vary slightly each month in an effort to accommodate sisters in different time zones and/or with work/family responsibilities. Usually we meet for one earlier call (around 11am est) and one later call (around 6pm est).

➡️ If you cannot make a call, you can catch the replay which will be uploaded to the course portal after we have completed it.

Every month you will receive a brand-new training to support your spiritual journey.

These trainings will cover all different areas of spiritual study, including topics like inner child healing, trauma recovery, higher self connection, manifestation, money & energetics, spiritual rituals, intuitive business strategy, and more.

The masterclasses are designed to give you a deeper study and expansive “skill set” in a wide variety of spiritual tools, aligned business growth strategy, healing modalities, and reality creation methods.

➡️ You will receive an email each month that announces the training of the month and lets you know the date it will be available in the portal.

➡️  Your training of the month is a self-study, so you can go at your own pace. Trainings will always be available in the portal, so you can access them whenever you’d like, as long as you are still a member. You’ll also receive all past trainings as soon as you enroll.


Each month you will also receive an inner workbook that supports that month’s area of study. These workbooks are designed to help you go deeper in the process, expand your consciousness, and transform your reality.

Journal work is one of our most useful tools in rewriting old belief systems and limiting programming. This work also helps you design the reality you truly desire for yourself, allowing you to dream BIG. Magical things happen when we put pen to paper – this is how we literally CREATE our desired reality.

➡️ Your inner workbook will be available as soon as your training of the month goes live.


Your monthly guided meditation is a chance to integrate your study down to the cellular level. Each exclusive meditation will go along with that month’s theme, helping you really put everything you learn into practice.

Meditation is one of the most powerful modalities for inner peace, self healing, and empowerment. These guided meditations are also designed to help you reprogram your subconscious and rewrite old programming so you can allow your desires to easily manifest.

➡️ Your monthly guided meditation will be available as soon as your training of the month goes live.

➡️ You will find your meditation along with your monthly training and workbook in your membership portal. Each month will have its own section where you will find all monthly materials.


This membership is all about bringing the Manifesting Miracle Worker community together in a much deeper way. You will have access to an official members-only Instagram group where you can ask for real-time support from me as well as your fellow soul sisters. Our group is super active every day!

We may also be creating a Facebook group - if this is something you'd really like, let me know!

Our social media community is a space for CELEBRATION! Share your breakthroughs, your wins, and everything you’re going through in a safe place where you know people will actually understand. (Unlike our FAMILIES, amirite?! 🤪)

➡️ You will receive the information to join our Instagram group as soon as you enroll.


As soon as you join the membership, you can start diving into archived masterclass and workshop trainings. Each training comes along with its own journal workbook to help you apply your study in an even more powerful way.

More archived trainings will be appearing throughout September and October as we kick off the membership!

➡️ Live Workshops will be held periodically throughout the year. These will be in addition to your monthly training and include moon circles, spiritual rituals, manifestation methods, self-healing modalities, and tools for aligned business growth.


As a DIVINE MAGIC member, you will have access to all paid trainings, workshops, and events that the Manifesting Miracle Worker community holds throughout the year.

You also will receive an exclusive 22% discount on select MMW courses and programs.

➡️ You will receive all event information via email and in your member portal.

➡️ Look for your discount code in the member portal as its own “module”.


Meet your guide and mentor, Amanda May

Hello amazing soul, my name’s Amanda and I am a spiritual mentor and higher self embodiment guide for the next generation of soul-led leaders, healers, and conscious creators.

My mission is to help you live the most aligned and abundant life imaginable by RE-learning the power of who you TRULY are: both human and divine + a brilliant creator.

I have used principles of manifestation and spirituality to help heal my life of addiction, depression, and darkness. Now I hold space for other women to do the same as they rise up in their own journey of creating magical lives, magnetic businesses, and unleashing the higher self goddess within.

“I am so happy that I found you and that I am part of this beautiful soulful community. I come across so many coaches but you are the only one who has this pure energy that helped me stick with you and grow. I have transformed so much. I’m even more outspoken and have healthy boundaries for myself now.”

- Maggie D.

“I used to be scared to share in groups like these, but you make a very safe space for us. I now feel like my story may be able to help someone. Thank you for this space.”

- Erika D.

“Whoo that visualization… Looking at my past self I began to feel fear and worry and my chest started tightening. As I turned and looked at my future self my whole body started tingling.. When my present self and my future self embraced I instantly felt calm, the transfer of energy was very invigorating… I almost don’t want to go to sleep lol”

- Crystal G.




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Welcome to July 2024!

This month's theme is:
Embodying Your Most Empowered Self

Our live call date is TBA.

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* Upon enrollment you will also receive the replays from all past membership masterclasses and workshops, plus hours of bonus trainings, guided meditations, and workbooks!